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Don’t leave. Please.Stay.

Don’t leave. Please.Stay.

OMG!! Is this Hunger Games!! hahaha

OMG!! Is this Hunger Games!! hahaha



And in that moment everyone realized that Forrest knew. He knew he was “special” and not like everyone else despite going to regular school and college. He knew that he wasn’t like everyone else mentally and his biggest fear was that his son would have to face life like that too. The bullies, the name calling, the confusion, everything. This broke my heart because all he wanted was a better life for his son in every way.

This part always makes me tear up.







While I was watching T.V I saw this commercial on ETC channel 9. They’ve made the commercial using the clips from “He’s just not that into you” and “500 days of summer” for its free T.V premiere. The commercial was about the ‘the 5 stages of Breaking-up ’. So here are the stages… 1.)DENIAL 2.)ANGER 3.)BARGAINING 4.) DEPRESSION 5.) ACCEPTANCE

I’ll be honest and I will tell you humbly that I’m now at stage 3, BARGAINING. Yes, I asked for a second chance. But I’m afraid that he’s not willing to give me one. He’s the one who broke up with me before. He told me a lot of reasons why he did, but honestly, I think he just feel pressured by other things. And that “It’s not you, It’s me” shit is one of his reasons. But the weird thing is. I still want to be with him.

So there I was. Bargaining; bargaining my feelings and my self esteem hoping that he would realize that he still loves me. I know. It’s stupid and pathetic but that who ever you are reading this right now; I know that you’ve been through this before. And what scares me most is that after Bargaining, there’s Depression.

Depression; honestly I think I can feel it now. I can feel it starting in my hands. My hands are a bit shaky, my palms are sweaty and I feel cold. Even though it’s summer time. And god knows my eyes are next. I want to cry now. I feel bad for myself. It was like “what happened to me?” I feel like A total shit right now. I want to skip this part. I’ll skip this part if I had A choice. But I can’t because it already started.

 I sometimes wish I Hadn’t met him. But then my best friend told me how lucky I am that I felt this thing. This pain. How lucky I am that I’m feeling like shit.

I’m on a serious emotional shit right now. And man; look at you? You’re still reading this. If you made it this far, then I thank you. I don’t know you but I already know that you are a good friend. And I know that like me you’re also going through some “serious emotional shit” too.

For anyone who’s reading this, I want you to know that I’m gonna be fine. And that I’m not a suicidal person. This is not a suicidal blog entry. And that whether you like this post or not, whether you’re going to re-blog it or not, I am happy that you continue on reading this.

Now I’m looking for love. A love that will never give heartache, Preferably a kind of love that’s not gonna make me feel like shit. And I’m not looking for a romantic love. A different kind of love.

“She wasn’t bitter. She was sad, though. But it was a hopeful kind of sad. A kind of sad that just takes time. ”

-Stephen Chbosky


Ever since I got my heart broken for the first time I already told myself that I should not over think things. But he funny thing is, as I strive hard not to over think I realized that I over think the fact that I shouldn’t over think things. 

When he told me that he misses me, of course, I told him that I missed him too. Why? Because that’s the truth. And I told myself, that doesn’t mean anything. Right? He misses me PERIOD! Nothing more. Nothing less. I miss you doesn’t mean I love you or I want you back or I still care for you. I tried my best to be an ignorant to whatever that “I miss you” really means.

Those days when he asks me if we could go home from school together. And that time when he noticed that I was so tired when we were on the jeepney(means of public transportation in the Philippines) on our way home he told me to just lean my head on his shoulders to avoid bumping my head to other passengers. Then I look at him and I ask him “Is it OK?” and he said yes. So I did. I shouldn’t. But I did. He told me to enjoy things while it lasts, and I did. I took his advice. 

Even if I wasn’t sleepy anymore. I pretended that I am sleepy because I want to rest my head on his shoulders and closed my eyes the whole ride. I can hear him singing, was that song for me? I can feel his lips and nose so close to my head while he sings. Then he stopped singing for a while, but can still feel his lips and nose so close to my head. It made me feel like he was looking at me and he is smelling my hair like he used to.

But then, of course, I shouldn’t over think things. Maybe you’re just being nice and all that. Maybe you’ve done that with other girls.That doesn’t mean I’m special. I tried my best to be an ignorant to whatever that “Lean your head on my shoulder” really means.

Ignorance. I guess it really is necessary for me to learn the art if Ignorance. I ended up Over thinking things I shouldn’t over think. Not Over Thinking. Fail.